Esme Isolde

Esme Isolde is a full service wedding design and coordination studio dedicated to providing you with a seamless, effortless, memorable, and customized experience, as we assist in shaping what will become a most cherished memory. We stay true to the boutique business approach and service clients seeking an unparalleled experience, pouring our hearts into each journey as if it were our very own. We devote ourselves wholeheartedly to your story and are committed to creating a marriage celebration that will honor it in the way that it deserves. We are based in Peabody, Massachusetts, serving the New England area and internationally.



Ghislaine Ruiz

Owner & Creative Director

- Boston, Massachusetts - 

[ ez-may: loved | i-SOHL-də: beautiful ]

Captivated by the care and focus it takes to make something by hand, the thought that goes into planning and sewing the details together, and the dedication it takes to perfect the seemingly small components. Motivated by the individual love stories that create marriages. Submerged in the belief that all-encompassing love exists and that each love story deserves to be lived, heard, and celebrated. Esme Isolde came to be because it was a way to bring my passions together, creating happiness in doing what I love. More than an enjoyable career, but rather a way for me to devote myself, and my life to something that deeply matters to me. I whole-heartedly believe that the love I describe truly exists and I am committed to being a part of making them come to life. My mission and the foundation I have built my business upon are what shaped the name before it all even began. Esme Isolde, meaning “love beautifully.”

My passion goes beyond the pretty details of a wedding, but is found in the relationship itself, in the marriage. Through Esme Isolde, my mission is to return to the good stuff, the things that truly matter. I want to create weddings that are not only exquisite, but also tell a compelling story that express honest emotion and encapsulate genuine moments.  I want to beautifully and accurately capture my client’s visions, showing them that I understand them on a deeper level. I want to work with couples that believe in forever marriages, the marriages that will stand the test of time, and have relationships that have the strong foundation to support those beliefs. Working with couples that believe in the things that truly matter. I want to tell the stories of couples that will go on to live meaningful lives long after their wedding day, and create long lasting legacies.

My goal as a wedding designer and coordinator is to redefine the planning experience by guiding couples through a soulful journey of peace, as they approach their wedding day, the beginning of the rest of their lives together. This mission begins with a genuine connection and friendship between my clients and myself, built on trust. I am dedicated to their love, their story, their journey, their relationship, and their experience.

Personally, I am a simple girl born and raised in New York City, with some Westchester woven in between. True to my hybrid environment and out of the ordinary upbringing, I am a city girl with a small town heart. Recently having made a big move, I now call Peabody, Massachusetts home. Easily recognized by my not-so-common French name, naturally curly hair, and intense eyebrows. I feel my best in flowy skirts, A-line silhouettes, high waist skinny pants, and ribbons. My personal style and taste can easily be described as a combination of Anthropologie, J. Crew, Kate Spade, and West Elm. The simple pleasures in life are the things I enjoy most. Reading, chewy chocolate chip cookies, fresh flowers, a serene home, sunshine, and warm weather are just a few. I have a thing for organization, white space, good old-fashioned paper planners, and light soft colorful hues. It brings me so much joy to love on my family and friends. When I am not working on beautiful marriage journeys and celebrations, I am in pursuit of a love story to call my very own…